Congregations in Urban Communities

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Urban Congregations in Alabama

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Use the location selector table to find urban church locations in Alabama.





Alabama Baptist Churches in Urban Communities


Alabama Baptist Urban Church Selector

107301180233.6376-86.68292931BirminghamFirst Baptist Church of Center Point201t400IntermediateCenter PointAL35126North Central11JeffersonSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRK05Urban
107301180233.638-86.66052972BirminghamFirst Baptist Church of Chalkville101t200Moderate2100 Old Springville RdBirminghamAL35215-4031North Central11JeffersonSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRK05Urban
107301180233.6499-86.6666390427Not MemberFellowship101t200Moderate817 25th Ave NEBirminghamAL35215-2801North Central11JeffersonSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRK05Urban
107301180233.6391-86.6765578107BirminghamGreater Grace Missionary Baptist ChurchNo DataNo Data309 20th Ave NECenter PointAL35215North Central11JeffersonSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRK05Urban
107301180333.6272-86.6871578984BirminghamChrist Missionary Baptist ChurchNo DataNo DataCenter PointAL35215North Central11JeffersonSmall CitiesSignificantYesIRK05Urban
107301180433.6525-86.69853301BirminghamHilldale Baptist Church101t200Moderate533 Sunhill Rd NWCenter PointAL35215-2346North Central11JeffersonSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRK06Urban
108900070134.7708-86.587618838MadisonLakewood101t200Moderate2101 Mastin Lake Rd NWHuntsvilleAL35810-2801Northern1MadisonSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRK06Urban
108900150034.7307-86.627319141MadisonUniversity Baptist Church201t400Intermediate809 Jordan Ln NWHuntsvilleAL35816-3625Northern1MadisonSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRJ04Urban
108900150034.7311-86.6275580365MadisonAgape International0t100Small809 Jordan LaneHuntsvilleAL35816Northern1MadisonSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRJ04Urban
108900210034.7149-86.601618648MadisonCentral0t100Small2204 1st St SWHuntsvilleAL35805-3830Northern1MadisonSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRK06Urban
112501040733.2305-87.5365573590TuscaloosaOpen Door101t200Moderate1761 McFarland Blvd NTuscaloosaAL35406-2135North Central9TuscaloosaSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRJ04Urban
112501140133.2063-87.552528092TuscaloosaCalvary801plusExtensive1121 Paul W Bryant Dr.TuscaloosaAL35401-2499North Central9TuscaloosaSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRJ04Urban
112501140133.2054-87.5529586197TuscaloosaThe Korean Church of the True LightNo DataNo Data1121 Paul W Bryant DrTuscaloosaAL35401North Central9TuscaloosaSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRJ04Urban
112501200033.1941-87.537928258TuscaloosaForest Lake101t200Moderate107 18th StTuscaloosaAL35401-3540North Central9TuscaloosaSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRJ04Urban
112501200033.1995-87.5441576870TuscaloosaThe Lighthouse0t100Small2300 Veterans Memorial PkwyTuscaloosaAL35404North Central9TuscaloosaSmall CitiesSignificantNoIRJ04Urban

Urban Community Ministry Resources

A theology as big as the city
by Ray Bakke

How does God see the city? What does Scripture have to say about urban ministry? These are the questions Ray Bakke has systematically addressed, beginning with Genesis and continuing through to Revelation. Here is a biblical theology that will constantly surprise and challenge as you get a glimpse of how big God's view of the city really is.

Street Signs: a new direction in urban ministry
by Ray Bakke, Jon Sharpe

It's a world in motion. The explosion of growth to urban centers and all the complexities it brings is not to be seen as a problem for churches, but as a gift? an opportunity to work with God within the city to see His purposes worked out. Street Signs is a guide for church missions leaders and community ministry leaders seeking to bring spiritual and practical transformation to the city.

Metrospiritual: the geography of church planting
by Sean Benesh

Metrospiritual: The Geography of Church Planting is about church planting in the city. There is an outpouring of new expressions of church being started throughout metro areas across North America. Where are these new churches being started? Maybe a more subterranean question is, "Why"? Why are churches being started where they are and why is there is a bias towards one part of the city and an overall neglect of other parts? Metrospiritual explores these questions and more as it builds off of re…

The Multi-Nucleated Church: Towards a Theoretical Framework for Church Planting in High-Density Cities
by Sean Benesh

For too long church planting literature and training has been primarily focused on starting churches in low-density parts of our cities predicated upon auto-based commuting patterns. However, the reality of the global city is that millions upon millions of people worldwide do not live that kind of lifestyle. Rather, life revolves around getting from Point A to Point B via on foot, bicycle, or public transportation. What would church planting then look like with those common transportation realit…

Urban Ministry: the kingdom, the city & the people of God
by Harvie M. Conn, Manuel Ortiz

No. 3 in the 2002 Academy of Parish Clergy Top Ten Books of the Year! The city presents serious challenges that cry out for answers: poverty, racism, human exploitation and government corruption. How can the church move ahead in the midst of these demands with the gospel of hope? Here, in one comprehensive volume, Harvie Conn and Manuel Ortiz, two noted scholars and proven practitioners of urban ministry, address the vital work of the church in the city. Their dual goal: to understand the city a…

A Heart for the Community: new models of urban and suburban ministry
by John Fuder & Noel Castellanos

Islam, gentrification, AIDS, and multiculturalism: Where do we face these realities? A few years ago, it was in the city. But today, many city dwellers are moving to the suburbs, either by choice or because of circumstances beyond their control. And this shift is changing both the urban and suburban landscape. With this shift in mind, editors John Fuder and Noel Castellanos have gathered together a team of experts to help you minister effectively in both the urban and suburban context. Divide…

Street Signs: toward a missional theology of urban cultural engagement
by David P. Leong

Street Signs is an engaging missiological inquiry into the cultural and theological meaning of the city. Through the lens of Seattle's Rainier Valley, one of the most ethnically and socioeonomically diverse communities in the US, this work constructs an urban, missional, and contextual theology that is shaped by the local realities of urban neighborhoods but relevant to cities everywhere. Focused on the themes of incarnation, confrontation, and imagination, Street Signs explores the contours of …

Urban Ministry: an introduction
by Ronald E. Peters

A comprehensive introduction to the particular challenges and opportunities of congregational ministry in urban settings. Urban ministry has long been a part of seminary curricula, but a basic and definitive understanding of what students should know as they prepare for congregational ministry in the city has remained elusive. Too often it is assumed that the theological resources developed for ministry in other settings are adequate for urban ministry, but these resources fail to account for…

Discovering the Spirit in the City
by Andrew Walker, Aaron Kennedy

How can we re-discover the Heavenly City here and now? This is a wide-ranging exploration of the practical applications of spirituality in an urban environment. In an increasingly urban society, we are losing touch with our roots. There is a hunger to engage with the spiritual implications of this, and to enrich our appreciation of the spiritual potential of urban spaces. "Discovering the Spirit in the City" brings together established authors with new voices to explore ways in which the concret…