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Correctional Residential Spaces in Alabama

Correctional residential facilities are community-based facilities operated for correctional purposes. The facility residents may be allowed extensive contact with the community, such as for employment or attending school, but are obligated to occupy the premises at night. Examples of correctional residential facilities are halfway houses, restitution centers, and prerelease, work release, and study centers.

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Correctional Residential Spaces in Alabama

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01001020200South Central12PrattvilleAutauga36067MontgomeryMedium TownsMainlyYesIME03Mainstay18198800003171114400360
01003010903Gulf Coast07LoxleyBaldwin36551DaphneMedium TownsMainlyNoIMC03Mainstay505204300100120305020010
01021060101South Central12ClantonChilton35045BirminghamSmall TownsMainlyNoICI04Country171119510004483014100300
01023956700Gulf Coast07LismanChoctaw36912noneRemote AreasSignificantNoICI04Country22000002020000
01031010500Southeastern05ElbaCoffee36323EnterpriseSmall TownsMainlyYesIME04Mainstay241101138100210002400010
01049961400Northern02Valley HeadDeKalb35989noneSmall TownsLeastNoICG01Country43000003020020
01053970400Southeastern06AtmoreEscambia36502noneSmall TownsLeastNoICG01Country2477916610027802460010
01069040600Southeastern05DothanHouston36303DothanMedium TownsSignificantNoIWF06Working114506300014909300190
01093964400Northern10HamiltonMarion35570noneSmall TownsSignificantNoIME01Mainstay264124140000012402620000
01095030903Northern02AlbertvilleMarshall35950AlbertvilleMedium TownsSignificantNoIWD06Working646040001590550090
01117030701North Central11ColumbianaShelby35051BirminghamSmall TownsMainlyNoIME03Mainstay400138260100413523960000
01127020300North Central09JasperWalker35504BirminghamMedium TownsMainlyYesIMC02Mainstay222200000220220000
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