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Federal Correctional Spaces in Alabama

Federal prisons are adult correctional facilities where people convicted of crimes serve their sentences. Common names include prison, penitentiary, correctional institution, federal correctional facility, and conservation camp. Residents who are forensic patients or criminally insane are classified on the basis of where they resided at the time of enumeration. Patients in hospitals (units, wings, or floors) operated by or for federal correctional authorities are counted in the prison population. Other forensic patients will be enumerated in psychiatric hospital units and floors for long-term non-acute patients. This category may include privately operated correctional facilities.  Federal detention centers are stand alone, generally multi-level, federally operated correctional facilities that provide short-term confinement or custody of adults pending adjudication or sentencing. These facilities may hold pretrial detainees, holdovers, sentenced offenders, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) inmates, formerly called Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) inmates. These facilities include Metropolitan Correctional Centers (MCCs), Metropolitan Detention Centers (MDCs), Federal Detention Centers (FDCs), Bureau of Indian Affairs Detention Centers, ICE Service Processing Centers, and ICE Contract Detention Facilities.  Military disciplinary barracks and jails are correctional facilities managed by the military to hold those awaiting trial or convicted of crimes.

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Federal Correctional Spaces in Alabama

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01005950400Southeastern05ClioBarbour36017noneDistant SettlementsMainlyNoICI04Country422000000417000
01101000100South Central12MontgomeryMontgomery36104MontgomeryLarge SuburbsSignificantNoIWF06Working325512740001818028000450
01101000900South Central12MontgomeryMontgomery36113MontgomeryMedium SuburbsSignificantNoIPA06Upscale9144085040003838085800560
01121010301North Central03TalladegaTalladega35160TalladegaFringe SettlementsSignificantNoICI04Country357156179320515103516000
01121010700North Central03TalladegaTalladega35160TalladegaMedium TownsSignificantNoIWF06Working8572734232210248248184214000
01131035200Southeastern06Pine AppleWilcox36768noneRemote AreasLeastNoICI04Country381126000110320060
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