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Youth Residential Spaces in Alabama

Youth residential facilities are locations where residents are permitted contact with the community for purposes such as attending school or holding a job.   Examples of youth residential facilities are residential training schools and farms, reception, diagnostic and treatment centers, and group homes operated by or for correctional authorities.  Group homes for juveniles include community-based group living arrangements for youth in residential settings that are able to accommodate three or more clients of a service provider. The group home provides room and board and services, including behavioral, psychological, or social programs. Generally, clients are not related to the caregiver or to each other. Examples of non-correctional group homes for juveniles are maternity homes for unwed mothers, orphanages, and homes for abused and neglected children in need of services. Group homes for juveniles do not include residential treatment centers for juveniles or group homes operated by or for correctional authorities.  Residential treatment centers for juveniles include facilities that provide services primarily to youth on-site in a highly structured live-in environment for the treatment of drug/alcohol abuse, mental illness, and emotional/behavioral disorders. These facilities are staffed 24 hours a day. The focus of a residential treatment center is on the treatment program. Residential treatment centers for juveniles do not include facilities operated by or for correctional authorities.

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Youth Residential Spaces in Alabama

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01003010100Gulf Coast07StocktonBaldwin36579DaphneRemote AreasLeastNoICI04Country31208100120028
01003010905Gulf Coast07SilverhillBaldwin36576DaphneMedium TownsMainlyNoIMC01Mainstay9800000845
01015000700North Central03AnnistonCalhoun36205Anniston-OxfordMedium TownsSignificantNoIWF06Working7446270019384826
01033020100Northern10SheffieldColbert35660FlorenceMedium TownsSignificantNoIWD05Working6510001460
01069040302Southeastern05DothanHouston36303DothanMedium TownsSignificantNoIME04Mainstay211110000011156
01073000100North Central11BirminghamJefferson35206BirminghamMedium SuburbsSignificantYesIWF06Working9022650301214544
01073004200North Central11BirminghamJefferson35205BirminghamLarge SuburbsMostYesIWF06Working3012900001273
01073011111North Central11TrussvilleJefferson35173BirminghamMedium TownsMainlyNoIMC02Mainstay371323000013034
01077010200Northern10FlorenceLauderdale35630FlorenceMedium TownsSignificantNoIME03Mainstay8530000508
01083020202Northern01ElkmontLimestone35620HuntsvilleSmall TownsLeastNoIWD03Working383610011351915
01087231602South Central04TuskegeeMacon36083noneDistant SettlementsSignificantNoIWF06Working481236000111450
01089003000Northern01HuntsvilleMadison35811HuntsvilleMedium SuburbsSignificantNoIWD05Working2281400008157
01089011011Northern01MadisonMadison35758HuntsvilleMedium TownsSignificantNoIPB02Upscale451527000214400
01097000800Gulf Coast07MobileMobile36617MobileLarge SuburbsSignificantNoIWF05Working6512530001115113
01101000100South Central12MontgomeryMontgomery36104MontgomeryLarge SuburbsSignificantNoIWF06Working3120000120
01101002400South Central12MontgomeryMontgomery36108MontgomeryMedium SuburbsMostYesIWF06Working3533200003323
01101005501South Central12MontgomeryMontgomery36117MontgomerySmall TownsSignificantNoIME03Mainstay199751230000751490
01101005611South Central12MontgomeryMontgomery36116MontgomeryRemote AreasMostNoIME03Mainstay14860000890
01109189000Southeastern05TroyPike36079TroySmall TownsMainlyNoIME04Mainstay9540000509
01117030214North Central11ColumbianaShelby35051BirminghamMedium SuburbsMostNoIPB03Upscale113700003110
01125012304North Central09TuscaloosaTuscaloosa35405TuscaloosaMedium TownsSignificantNoIWF06Working2361700006185
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