Long Term Hospital Medical Living Spaces

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Long Term Hospital Spaces in Alabama

Hospitals with patients who have no usual home elsewhere include hospitals that have any patients who have no exit or disposition plan, or who are known as boarder patients or boarder babies. All hospitals are eligible for inclusion in this category except psychiatric hospitals, units, wings, or floors operated by federal, state, or local correctional authorities. Patients in hospitals operated by these correctional authorities will be counted in the prison or jail population. Psychiatric units and hospice units in hospitals are also excluded. Only patients with no usual home elsewhere are enumerated in this category.

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Long Term Hospital Medical Spaces in Alabama

Long Term Hospital Medical Alabama Spaces Selector

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01015000800North Central03AnnistonCalhoun36201Anniston-OxfordMedium TownsSignificantYesIME03Mainstay1771502400031497402454952
01069041000Southeastern05DothanHouston36301DothanMedium TownsSignificantNoIWF06Working16114000111410100
01073004500North Central11BirminghamJefferson35233BirminghamLarge SuburbsMostYesIAH04Aspiring3923150000230217182
01089003100Northern01HuntsvilleMadison35801HuntsvilleMedium SuburbsSignificantNoIAH04Aspiring33000012010020
01101002700South Central12MontgomeryMontgomery36109MontgomeryLarge SuburbsSignificantNoIAH04Aspiring20911000090155000
Long Term Medical Alabama Spaces Selector

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