North Central Alabama is a diverse slice of the state. You'll find speed at Talladega Superspeedway, big-city living in Greater Birmingham, peaches like no others in Chilton County, the roar of water rushing over Noccalula Falls and M-Class cars easing along assembly lines at the Mercedes plant in Vance. Attractions, activities and events await residents and tourists in places like Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Anniston.

Penetrating Lostness.  

However, in this region of the state 841,840 people have not yet been reached with the saving power of the gospel.  This is the shared task of nine hundred twenty-nine ALSBOM churches in twenty associations.

Reaching Lifestyle Groups. 

The dominant lifestyle groups in North Central Alabama are similar to those that populate Northern Alabama.  However here Country Communities are home to more than 35% of the population with more than 25% of the households considered “Hinterland Families.”  Nearly 25% of the region's households appear in Urban Communities – and half of these are in “Struggling City Centers” -- a group the SBC usually does not reach well.  Diverse, empty-nest couple homeowners, the “Steadfast Conservatives” in working class neighborhoods, represent nearly 13% of this region's households.  Lay missionaries will be needed to effectively reach out to these groups. 

Reaching Language Groups. 

The top three groups of language speakers over the age of 5  in the north central region include:  24,461 Spanish speakers, 4,440 French speakers, and 4,229 German  speakers. 

Top Church Planting Locations.   

After a careful evaluation of the active SBC and evangelical presence within a three mile radius of the center of each of the 325 census tracts within the region, fifty one locations have been identified.