Northern Alabama is the mountain region of the state that provides one spellbinding landscape after another. It's laden with shimmering lakes, waterfalls, caverns and tree-crested mountaintops. Residents and tourists enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities or visit historic attractions in cities like Florence, Gadsden, Huntsville, Madison, Decatur and Cullman.

Penetrating Lostness.

In this region nine hundred eighty three ALSBOM churches in nineteen associations have the opportunity to share the gospel with 760,242 people in the Northern Alabama Region who have not yet been reached.

Reaching Lifestyle Groups.

The rural history of this region continues in the Country Communities of one third of its population. Nearly 20% of Northern Alabama households are considered “Hinterland Families” -- lower middle income, blue collar, rural families. Urban Communities include struggling societies that make up nearly 15% of the households – primarily African-American single and single parent households in struggling city centers. On the fringe of metro areas are Working Communities where a third group that represents another 15% of the region's households may be found. Here “Steadfast Conservatives”, a group of diverse, empty-nest homeowner couples, live in working class neighborhoods. Custom approaches are needed to reach each group in culturally appropriate ways.

Reaching Language Groups.

The Northern Region has an estimated 31,112 Spanish language speakers over the age of 5. Rounding out the top three language groups are the following non-English languages: 4,023 German and 2,828 French.

Top Church Planting Locations.

After a careful evaluation of the active SBC and evangelical presence within a three mile radius of the center of each of the 271 census tracts within the region, seventeen locations have been identified.