The Gulf Coast Region's most famous attractions are the sugar-white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. In addition to the world-class beaches, you'll find the Old Courthouse Museum in Monroeville, Dauphin Island's Historic Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan and the USS Alabama in Mobile. The metro Mobile area dominates the population centers of this region.

Penetrating Lostness.  

In this region of the state 434,794 people have not yet been reached with the saving power of the gospel.  This is the shared task of two hundred seventy three ALSBOM churches in five associations.

Reaching Lifestyle Groups. 

The top two lifestyle groups in the gulf coast region are evenly split between Urban Communities and Country Communities – about 30% of the households in each type.  While nearly 17% of households are rural “Hinterland Families,” another 14% of households are African-American singles and single parents who live in “Struggling City Centers.”  Empty-nest homeowner couples in the “Steadfast Conservative” neighborhoods represent

7% of the region's households. “Minority Metro Communities” represent an     additional 7% of predominantly African-American households with higher levels of education than some of the other neighborhoods.   The gulf coast region  provides a diverse mission field needing special attention to developing culturally appropriate, indigenous congregations.

Reaching Language Groups. 

The top three groups of language speakers over the age of 5  in the gulf coast region   include:  11,064 Spanish, 2,424 German and 2,369 French. 

Top Church Planting Locations.   

After a careful evaluation of the active SBC and evangelical presence within a three mile radius of the center of each of the 153 census tracts within the region, forty five locations for new church plants have been identified.